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Highly Recommended!
My GP recommended him, so I visited Dr. Kuperan for what turned out to be a severe sinus infection. I had gone to see other ENTs with disappointing results. All the other ENTs wanted to take me to surgery immediately.
Dr. Kuperan was different. Unlike the others, his first thought was not surgery but to carefully identify the “exact” problem that I had. After going through this extra diagnostic phase, it turned out that I didn’t need surgery after all. In fact, Dr. Kuperan said that surgery was always the last resort and that I probably wouldn’t need surgery at all. As things turned out, he was exactly correct. About a month of treatment later, problem solved!
I liked Dr. Kuperan from the beginning. His manner isn’t aggressive, and he LISTENS!!! What a concept for doctors these days. His approach was measured and he was as interested in preserving my general health as he was in taking care of the sinus problem. Unlike many specialists these days, Dr. Kuperan thinks beyond his own area of specialty.
If I could give him 10 stars I would. The same goes for his staff.