Extended Frontal Sinus Surgery (Modified Lothrop Procedure)


Extended Frontal Sinus Surgery: If you had previous frontal sinus surgery and still suffer from sinus infections you probably feel frustrated. You went through a surgery that was painful and you still don’t feel any better. The reality is you may require endoscopic advanced frontal sinus surgery to definitively fix your frontal sinus problems. Some patients have initial surgery that is inadequate for the severity of their frontal sinus disease, or even worse, the initial procedure was done incorrectly. Patients who have undergone suboptimal initial frontal sinus surgery may require a modified Lothrop procedure to restore normal frontal sinus function. In rare cases we use image guidance to navigate through the sinuses, but because of our skill level it is generally not necessary. The procedure is done through the natural nostril openings with an endoscope (small camera) to look inside the nose and guide the use of small instruments designed to remove diseased tissue and create a large window into the frontal sinuses. There are no visible cuts, incisions, or changes in appearance. It has limited recovery time and is the best option for treatment of chronic sinus infections.

The most important factors in recommending an endoscopic advanced frontal sinus surgery procedure is the severity of the sinus infection and the extent of the previous procedure(s). The extent of surgery depends on the severity of disease, presence of nasal polyps, and aspirin sensitivity. Endoscopic advanced frontal sinus surgery is extremely complex and should only be done by the most qualified sinus specialists. The only way to know exactly what you need is to seek the expertise of a Rhinologist like Dr. Kuperan who has extensive experience performing endoscopic advanced frontal sinus surgery on patients who have failed surgeries with other doctors.

Sinus Infections: Extended Frontal Sinus Surgery