Medial Orbital Decompression If An Orbital Proptosis Is Present
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Medial Orbital Decompression


If you have signs or symptoms of orbital proptosis, it may need an medial orbital decompression. It is critical to consult a Rhinologist immediately for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. The initial evaluation will consist of an examination of the eye(s), laboratory testing for elevated thyroid hormone antibody levels, and a nasal endoscopy (looking inside the nose with a small camera). Next, an MRI of the orbit is performed to determine if there is a tumor mass in the orbital cavity causing the proptosis. For orbital neoplasms that are medial to the optic nerve we can safely perform transnasal minimally invasive endoscopic orbital tumor resection. This approach is done through the nose without any visible scars or incisions. For orbital proptosis due to Grave’s disease we can perform minimally invasive transnasal endoscopic medial orbital decompression surgery. This approach is done through the nose without any visible scars or incisions and it allows the excessive orbital fat to reposition and significantly decreases the proptosis. The key is choosing an approach tailored to the severity and cause(s) of your orbital proptosis. Dr. Kuperan’s super specialized expertise and experience as a Rhinologist will make sure you get the best treatment to quickly resolve your orbital proptosis.

sensational tumor x-ray


Medial orbital decompression at Houston Advanced Nose & Sinus is offered as a custom approach based on the patients individual needs. Every procedure is performed using the latest cutting-edge technology by Dr. Kuperan, who is one of the few fellowship certified nose and sinus experts in all of Texas. In addition, the procedure is done using an endoscope (small camera) in the nose that allows for superior visualization of the medial orbital wall and underlying fat that is to be decompressed, and it is all done through the natural nostril opening without any visible cuts or scars. You will then recover in our restorative health suites at the Memorial Houston Surgery Center just next door. The suites are luxurious hotel rooms coupled with attentive nursing care. This is a highly advanced and technically challenging procedure that is typically only performed by fellowship certified sinus experts. If you are interested in a medial orbital decompression evaluation, call (823) 720-NOSE or email us.