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Dr. Kuperan took excellent care of me and made it so I CAN BREATHE!!! Everyone that works here was extremely professional and the surgery went super smooth. Highly recommend Dr. Kuperan & staff for all your ENT needs.

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My experience with Dr. Kuperan and Karrie of myHoustonSurgeons has been nothing short of spectacular! I've experienced years of headaches, fatigue, trouble breathing from recurring sinus infections. I decided to move forward with Dr. Kuperan's opinion to have turbinate reduction surgery (my second one in my lifetime). Since then I've been able to breathe much better and keep my sinuses healthy. Karrie, one of the myHoustonSurgeons staff members, have been an amazing person to work with through the entire process. Leading up to the procedure, insurance company put up a few roadblocks. Karrie worked with me through countless back and forth phone calls and scheduling options to finally get me what I needed. 5 stars for Karrie, Dr. Kuperan, and the myHoustonSurgeon team!

ChengHsiao Wang Via Google My Business


Awesome doctor! Dr Kuperan I struggled for over 5 years from sinus problems, wished I came here first before I had Vivear done. Dr Kuperan is one of the doctor.

Shirley Cooper Via Google My Business


I came to Dr. H for 2 issues - a nasal valve collapse that caused me to breathe loudly through my nose (which annoyed many people, apparently) and not liking the appearance of the tip of my nose, which seemed to have fallen over time on my already long, pointy nose, giving me a witch-like appearance. Dr. H was very thorough during the consultation. She pointed out the defects and deformities in a way that I could understand, and I liked that she didn't make grandiose promises of perfection, but rather set realistic expectations for what could be achieved, and the trade-offs that would come with my surgery. For instance, in order to correct the collapsed nasal valve, she needed to widen my nose (of course, makes sense, how can I breathe better through that nostril if you don't open it up?), and to do this she may need to use a piece of rib cartilage. She explained that she would make a judgement on the table that would balance a wider nose with improved breathing. I have always had a very thin, pointy nose, and I could tell that her expertise and experience led her to relay this information to me so that I was not shocked by a wider nose post-operatively. During the surgery, which was done in conjunction with her partner, sinus surgeon Dr. Kuperan, the inside of my nose was a mess that we weren't expecting. Surgery was supposed to take 2.5 hours and ended up being double that because of all the work that needed to be done. Not only did she end up using the rib cartilage, but she also had to take some tissue from behind my ear to help properly rebuild my nose. I was later told by the OR team that Dr. H was meticulous and took her time to ensure that everything was done perfectly. I could not be more grateful to have a surgeon who is not only an expert in facial plastic surgery but will take her time to get things just right. She didn't rush or complain (and it was a Friday afternoon!). She and her team have been wonderful through the post-op process as well. Claire and Belen always make sure that I am comfortable and that my questions are answered. It's hard to believe that I am only 4 months out because my nose already looks so good! My profile is incredible, and boy can I breathe!!!

Stephanie Cooper Via Google My Business


Great experience, much relief, and so glad that I had my sinus surgery here. Thanks, Dr. Arjuna Kuperan.

Adrian Perez Via Google My Business


Wonderful experience! As a medical professional myself, I’m always hyper-aware of my own medical experiences. This was the best! Dr Kuperan I truly felt had my best interests at heart and recommended procedures that will be life changing for me. His nurse Abby was so great! She was thorough and kind and made me feel comfortable for the preop. The anesthesiologist was great too- I didn’t feel a thing. Would recommend this team for anyone looking for a good ENT!

Leia Jackson Via Google My Business


I’m sure every single surgeon at this practice is amazing, but I myself have only spent time with Dr. Harirchian and Dr. Kuperan—both excellent surgeons with reputable careers and EXCEPTIONAL bed-side manner! They spend enough time going over any questions and concerns, it almost feels like there are no other patients waiting. I don’t feel rushed when I come in to see them. All my questions are answered and I feel well-informed when I leave. You won’t be disappointed if you come for a consult!

Carolina Haddad Via Google My Business


When I say Dr. Harirchian is the best surgeon in Houston for your rhinoplasty and other neck and face procedures, I mean it! As well as Dr. Arjuna Kuperan (ENT) for your sinus surgery! After visiting a couple of doctors (yes I did go shopping around for a competent, skilled and confident surgeon) I got quite discouraged from the first doctors I visited - whom seemed quite uncomfortable on operating dark skin because of possible scars, not to mention their arrogance and rudeness. Yet, when I met Dr. Harirchian & Dr.Kuperan, I knew I could trust them and their team. More than an excellent surgeon, Dr. Harirchian is also knowledgeable about different skin types and how they heal. She was kind and interested in answering all my questions and assuring me great results. Dr. Harirchian and Dr. Kuperan operated on my nose, and I could not be happier with the results of their amazing work! From the first visit, to post surgery appointments, both doctors and their team were consistent in professionalism and charisma.

Gabriela Dias Via Google My Business


What a wonderful experience for my husband and I. We will recommend Dr. Kuperan to anyone who is looking for a great ENT. My husband has always struggled with sinus problems which we found out was a pretty severely deviated septum from another physician group. The experience with Texas ENT Specialists was AWFUL. I was determined to find someone better who actually cared about their patients and the overall experience. We were so relieved after a consult with Dr. Kuperan at My Houston Surgeons. He was attentive, answered all our questions and addressed any concerns. We both felt extremely confident in choosing him to perform a septoplasty and bi-turbinate reduction. The surgery went great and the recovery was much easier than expected. Overall, wonderful experience that I wish we had done sooner.

Lara Zefeldt Via Google My Business


Very pleased to having had my septum surgery done by Dr Arjuna Kuperan, And happy to having told him personally how l was living a new life breathing normally. Once again thanks to Dr Arjuna and his staff for their professionalism!👌

Beto Monreal Via Google My Business


A great experience for me. Had chronic sinusitis and spent over half of 2019 with cold symptoms. Dr Kuperan offered a second opinion on my treatment options and I valued his thorough approach to reviewing my history, symptoms, and treatment options, so I chose him to perform a sinuplasty, septoplasty, and treat a retention cyst that was noticed in my right maxillary sinus. I will say to those considering these procedures that the first several days were pretty uncomfortable due to the congestion that follows surgery, but once the swelling subsides, I have not been able to breathe this well in decades. Absolutely a life-changing experience. Fixed a major blockage of my right nostril pathway and I can now nasal breathe 100% of the time including during physical training and sleeping. Absolutely priceless outcome and beneficial to living more comfortably, but also so beneficial to long term longevity, health and vitality when you’re able to breathe more efficiently and sleep so much better after the healing process is complete. Could not be more happy with Dr Kuperan and his staff.

Eddy Bee Via Google My Business


I have been dealing with multiple sinus infections for years until I found HPCS. The problems have reduced and I can breathe better. In addition, I don’t need to flip sides when sleeping to reduce congestion. Dr. Kuperan is very knowledgeable and gets all the information before recommending a treatment procedure.

Thomas Wolfe Via Google My Business


I only knew I had low airflow, I didn't know what it was like to breath clearly until now. The surgery was not bad, and the recovery was way less uncomfortable than I thought it would be. Apparently Septioplasty and turbinate reduction has come a long way in recent years. Dr. Kuperan thank you so much.

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If you are frustrated by frequent sinus infections, persistent nasal congestion, or other sinus symptoms, Dr. Arjuna Kuperan and the team at Houston Advanced Nose & Sinus can help. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule your consultation.

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