Take Our Sinus Quiz | Houston Advanced Nose & Sinus | Self Assessment
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Sinus Quiz


Sinus Quiz: If your nose is stuffy, your head is aching, and you can’t stop coughing, you could have a bad cold, or it could be a serious sinus infection.  The symptoms of a sinus infections, a common cold, the flu, or allergies can all be similar. Treatment however, for each is very different. Only a doctor can properly diagnose a patient, but this quiz is a quick and easy way to provide some insight on symptoms you may be experiencing as well as evaluate current or potential sinus issues.

Rate each item below based on the severity and frequency of your symptoms. No Problem Very Mild Problem Mild or Slight Problem Moderate Problem Severe Problem Problem as bad as it can be
0 1 2 3 4 5
1. Need to blow nose
2. Sneezing
3. Runny Nose
4. Nasal Obstruction
5. Loss of smell or taste
6. Cough
7. Post-nasal Discharge
8. Thick Nasal Discharge
9. Ear Fullness
10. Dizziness
11. Ear Pain
12. Facial Pain/Pressure
13. Difficulty falling asleep
14. Waking up at night
15. Lack of a good night’s sleep
16. Waking up tired
17. Fatigue
18. Reduced Productivity
19. Reduced Concentration
20. Frustrated/Restless/Irritable
21. Sadness
22. Embarrassed
Total Score

Score Explanation
Score Evaluation Recommended Next Step
0 to 10 No Problem No actions necessary or symptoms can be treated with off-the-counter medication.
11 to 40 Moderate Problem An appointment with a specialist is recommended and/or prescription medicine can be taken to treat symptoms.
41 to 69 Moderate to severe An appointment with a specialist is recommended to determine the best treatment options.
70 to 100 Severe to “as bad as it can be” An appointment with a specialist is recommended, treatment to be determined by doctor. Possible surgical candidate.

* The evaluation is to be used as a guide and not a physician’s diagnosis. Treatment to be determined by a doctor upon appointment.