Chronic Rhinitis Breakthrough- ClariFix

ClariFix®, a Breakthrough Technology to Help Chronic Rhinitis


Millions of people suffer from chronic rhinitis.  At Houston Advanced Nose & Sinus Dr. Kuperan can help you breathe better now and get relief from your constant stuffy nose one and for all.  We strive to offer the most technically advanced treatment options. ClariFix® is the breakthrough cooling technology for treating frequent runny or stuffy nose, a condition called Chronic Rhinitis.  Dr. Kuperan performs this procedure in-office.  It has little to no downtime and is extremely effective.

Do you Suffer from a constant runny, stuffy nose?  You may have Chronic Rhinitis …


  • Chronic Rhinitis is caused by inflammation of nasal lining
  • You Are Not Alone…More than 24 million people in the U.S. suffer from a constant stuffy nose.
  • Treatments, such as sprays, drops and pills may not give you the relief you’re after


ClariFix, a Breakthrough Technology to Help Chronic Rhinitis

Did You Know?

In a clinical study, 4 out of 5 people reported long-lasting improvement with the ClariFix device1, including a reduction in a runny nose and congestion.
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