Sinus Tumor Resection

Anterior Skull Base Resection

If you have signs or symptoms of a sinus or skull base tumor it is critical to consult a Rhinologist immediately for an accurate diagnosis of treatment plan and a possible anterior skull base resection. The initial evaluation will consist of a nasal endoscopy (looking inside the nose with a small camera) to determine if a sinus or skull base tumor is present. If a tumor is noted, a CT scan and MRI of the sinuses and skull base will be performed to assess the extent, invasiveness, proximity to critical neurovascular structures, and vascularity of the neoplasm. Next, a small biopsy can be performed in the office if the tumor is not particularly vascular to determine the specific subtype. Depending on the specific tumor subtype, and if it is malignant or benign, a treatment plan is created. If the tumor is appropriate for surgical resection a minimally invasive endoscopic approach through the nostril openings is performed. The principles used for minimally invasive endoscopic sinus surgery are applied to sinus tumor resection with a critical emphasis on negative tumor margins while preserving important adjacent neurovascular structures. If the tumor is extending from the sinus into the skull base or from the skull base into the sinus, an endoscopic anterior skull base resection may be indicated. These approaches are both done through the nose without any visible scars or incisions. There are very few Rhinologists in the world trained to perform this complex operation. For certain malignant sinus tumors, postoperative radiation treatment may be required to ensure negative margins. The key to a sinus tumor resection is choosing an approach tailored to the severity and specific type of sinus tumor you have. There is not one single solution that is correct for every patient, and that’s why Houston Advanced Nose & Sinus is different than other sinus treatment centers, Dr. Kuperan’s super specialized expertise and years of experience as a Rhinologist will make sure you get the best treatment to quickly and safely remove your sinus or skull base tumor.

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