In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty


In Office Balloon Sinuplasty: If you suffer from sinus infections, then balloon sinuplasty may be the right treatment for you. Balloon sinuplasty is the most minimally invasive procedure available to treat frustrating sinus infections. The procedure is done through the natural nostril openings with an endoscope (small camera) to look inside the nose and guide the balloon device used to gently dilate open the natural sinus drainage pathways. There are no visible cuts, incisions, or changes in appearance. It has almost no recovery time and is highly effective. This brief video below demonstrates the balloon sinuplasty procedure.

The most important factor in recommending a balloon sinuplasty is patient selection. Some patients have sinus disease that is too severe to respond well to such a minimally invasive treatment approach; these patients may require endoscopic sinus surgery. The only way to know is to seek the expertise of a Rhinologist like Dr. Kuperan who has extensive experience treating sinus infections and will make sure you get the best treatment possible.

In-office balloon sinuplasty at Houston Advanced Nose & Sinus is a unique experience for three reasons. First, every procedure is performed using the latest technology at our state-of-the-art facility by Dr. Kuperan who is one of the few fellowship certified sinus experts in all of Texas. Second, the procedure is done under sedation with an Anesthesiologist by your side so you don’t feel any pain. Most other practices that offer balloon sinuplasty perform it on you while awake which can be extremely painful. Third, we offer first-class post procedure recovery suites so you can wake up peacefully refreshed and get back to your day quickly and efficiently.

Animated Balloon Sinuplasty