Nasal Polyp Symptoms and Surgery Houstin TX - Sinus & Nasal Disorder Treatment
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Nasal polyps are tissue growths inside the nose. They usually cause severe nasal congestion and obstruction making it very difficult to breathe through one or both sides of the nose. They frequently cause a reduction or complete loss of smell and taste. Nasal polyps cause blockages of the sinuses creating more severe sinus infections. In some cases these polyps cause nosebleeds. Sometimes a nasal cavity or sinus tumor can be mistaken for a nasal polyp if you are not seen by the right doctor. That’s why you need a sinus specialist at Houston Advanced Nose & Sinus. Dr. Kuperan is one of the few fellowship certified Rhinologists in all of Texas with specialized expertise, experience, and skills in treating patients with nasal polyps.


Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are non-cancerous inflammatory tissue growths that form inside the nose usually as a result of allergies, sinusitis, or aspirin sensitivity. They can occur at any point in one’s life but generally require a trigger like allergies or a sinus infection to really become problematic. If the nasal polyps become large enough a person might experience uncomfortable symptoms such as:

  • More severe difficulty or congestion when breathing through the nose
  • Loss or reduction in smell or taste
  • Postnasal drip

  • Facial pain or pressure
  • Nosebleeds
  • Coughing or wheezing (chest tightness) with asthma exacerbations


If nasal polyp symptoms are present it is always essential to consult a Rhinologist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. In some cases, oral steroids may be necessary to treat the problem especially if this has not already been done. A CT scan (x-ray) of your sinuses and nasal endoscopy (looking inside the nose with a small camera) may be necessary to better assess the problem if it persists despite aggressive oral steroid treatment. Oral steroids often provide a temporary reduction in the size of nasal polyps but they will grow back if not surgically removed. Nasal polyps often occur in conjunction with sinus infections and allergies. If the nasal polyps are resistant to oral steroid treatment, then a procedure may be required to remove the polyps. There are multiple different procedure options but most require nasal polyp removal in conjunction with endoscopic sinus surgery. Just removing the polyps without opening the sinuses will always result in quick polyp regrowth. The most important aspect of nasal polyp treatment is complete polyp removal and creation of widely patent sinus openings. We then use the revolutionary technology of Propel steroid releasing implants that produce steroid locally inside the nose to prevent polyp recurrence, and keep you off of excessive oral steroids. The key is choosing an approach tailored to the severity of your nasal polyp disease. There is not one single solution that is correct for every patient, and that’s why Houston Advanced Nose & Sinus is unique. We don’t promote a “cookie-cutter” approach to treatment like some other practices. Dr. Kuperan’s super specialized expertise and experience as a Rhinologist will make sure you get the best treatment so you can quickly get your life back on track.