Sinus Mucoceles Treatment Houston - Rhinology & Sinus Surgery TX
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Sinus mucoceles: A sinus mucocele is a pocket or pockets of trapped mucous within one or more of the sinuses. It usually occurs in a very specific area in the sinuses. It is most commonly the result of either facial/head trauma or previous sinus surgery that was done poorly or incorrectly. If you had prior sinus surgery or been in an accident causing facial trauma and get intermittent yellow discolored nasal drainage, or focal facial pressure in a specific area on one side of the face, you may be suffering from a sinus mucocele. That’s why you need a sinus specialist at Houston Advanced Nose & Sinus. Dr. Kuperan is one of the few fellowship certified Rhinologists in all of Texas with specialized expertise, experience, and skills in treating patients with mucoceles.


Sinonasal Tumors : Sinus Cavity

The sinuses are covered by a lining called mucosa which is similar to skin. During sinus surgery when the sinuses are opened, some of this mucosa can get trapped underneath other mucosa and the result is a mucocele. Similarly, if a facial trauma occurs and there is bony injury to facial bones this can result in a similar trapping of mucosa in one of the sinuses. Basically the sequestered mucosa continues to produce mucous but because it is trapped, the collection enlarges forming a mucocele. If the sinus mucocele becomes large enough a person might experience uncomfortable symptoms such as:

  • Focal facial pain or pressure in one specific area on one side of face
  • Intermittent yellow drainage from one side of the nose

  • Focal headaches on one side of the face
  • Decreased facial pressure on antibiotics that returns after treatment


If the symptoms of a sinus mucocele are present it is always essential to consult a Rhinologist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. The history of prior sinus surgery or facial trauma is also helpful in establishing the diagnosis. In some cases oral antibiotics may be needed to treat the problem. A CT scan (x- ray) of your sinuses and nasal endoscopy (looking inside the nose with a small camera) is essential to better assess the problem. A CT scan will show a very characteristic appearance to the mucocele that helps make the diagnosis. Most patients with sinus mucoceles require limited endoscopic sinus surgery to drain the mucocele and restore normal sinus drainage pathways. The quality of the endoscopic sinus surgery is critical to ensure long-term control of this problem particularly since it’s cause is usually initial suboptimal sinus surgery. The key is choosing an approach tailored to the severity of your mucocele. There is not one single solution that is correct for every patient, and that’s why Houston Advanced Nose & Sinus is unique. We don’t promote a “cookie-cutter” approach to treatment like some other practices. Dr. Kuperan’s super specialized expertise and experience as a Rhinologist will make sure you get the best treatment so you can quickly get your life back on track.