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4 Kinds of Sinusitis and The Treatments for Each

30 million people in the United States are affected by sinus infections each year. Often, sinus problems are clumped into one category: sinus infections. Patients assume that the same treatments are used to clear up the infections.

But, there are unique considerations that need to be addressed if you are suffering from sinusitis. An experienced doctor will help you identify a specific diagnosis. Then, you can choose the treatments that are specific to your condition.

Here is an overview of the four kinds of sinusitis, and treatments that can be used for each:

Type #1: Acute Sinusitis

Common symptoms include a stuffy nose, facial pain, congestion, cloudy or discolored mucus from the nose, or headache pressure. These symptoms can last as long as four weeks if left untreated. Treatments might include medications, such as antibiotics to clear the infection.

Type #2: Subacute Sinusitis

When the sinus symptoms continue longer than four weeks, the diagnosis might be subacute sinusitis. Symptoms can last as long as eight weeks, and basic treatments won’t be sufficient to knock out the infection. In most cases, the best treatment for subacute sinusitis involves a broad-spectrum antibiotic paired with an intranasal steroid.

Type #3: Chronic Sinusitis

When the symptoms last longer than 12 weeks, then the condition could be classified as chronic sinusitis. Symptoms include the common indicators of the above conditions, such as facial pain, headache pressure, difficulty breathing, and nasal drainage. Additionally, this type of sinusitis is commonly associated with fatigue and a decreased sense of smell.

In many cases, the underlying factor that affects chronic sinus is inflammation rather than infection. Even though the symptoms are similar to infections, treatments need to be focused on inflammation reduction, such as steroids.

Type #4: Recurrent Acute Sinusitis

When a patient has three or more episodes of acute sinusitis, with symptoms that last up to two weeks each time, then it might be recurrent acute sinusitis. This condition may or may not need antibiotic treatment. Often, it is associated with seasonal allergies, so the best treatment is focused on allergy remedies and reducing exposure to the triggers.

Personalized Treatments for Your Sinuses

Initial sinus infection treatments should be focused on eliminating underlying issues, such as allergy triggers, or bacterial or fungal infections. Sometimes, other issues need to be addressed, such as dental infections.

There are times when prescriptions medications are effective to clear up the problem. Sometimes people suffering from ongoing sinus issues can benefit from surgical intervention. A skilled surgeon can find a long-term treatment, helping you avoid the ongoing discomfort and use of multiple antibiotics.

If you are suffering from sinus issues, then you need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kuperan. He will evaluate your situation and help you determine the treatments that provide long-term results. Have some questions before you commit to an appointment? No problem! Call 713-791-0700 to speak with our friendly staff at Houston Advanced Nose and Sinus or take  our quick and easy Sino-Nasal Quiz!

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