Houston Advanced Nose & Sinus | Inferior Turbinate Reduction
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Inferior Turbinate Reduction


If you suffer from nasal obstruction, or difficulty breathing through your nose, then an inferior turbinate reduction may be the answer to your problem. The inferior turbinates are “hotdog” shaped structures that sit along the floor of the inside of your nose. The inferior turbinates become enlarged or hypertrophied from allergies, frequent nasal decongestant spray use, or age-related autonomic dysregulation. Or in some cases, they are just too large from birth! An inferior turbinate reduction is a minimally invasive procedure done through the natural nostril openings using an endoscope and small instruments where the enlarged structure is reduced in size so you can breathe your best. There are no visible cuts, incisions, or changes in appearance. It has very little recovery time and is highly effective.

The most important factor in recommending an inferior turbinate reduction is patient selection. Nasal obstruction can be a multifactorial problem that arises from inferior turbinate hypertrophy, a deviated septum, nasal valve collapse, nasal polyps, or some combination of these problems. Fixing only one problem when there are many will not significantly improve nasal breathing. With so many complicated causes of nasal obstruction you should seek the expertise of a Rhinologist like Dr. Kuperan who has extensive experience performing all procedures to relieve nasal obstruction, including inferior turbinate reduction.