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Benefits of Sinus Surgery We Don’t Think About

Reasons to Get Sinus Surgery

Sinus surgery is an effective option for people who suffer from chronic sinus infections or diseases that do not respond to noninvasive medical treatment. Severe sinusitis, sinus/nasal polyps, structural abnormalities within the nose and/or nasal passages and, more rarely, cancer of the sinuses are common reasons why sinus surgery is recommended.

Immediate Sinus Surgery Benefits

A functional endoscopy of the sinuses allows a surgeon to examine the interior of nasal passages, enlarge passageways to enhance drainage and remove tissue that may be promoting sinusitis. Following a functional endoscopic surgery, patients can breathe easier and will notice significantly reduced sinusitis symptoms.

A procedure involving the insertion of a tiny inflatable balloon into the sinus passages balloon sinuplasty widens nasal airways to improve breathing as well. Both balloon sinuplasty and functional endoscopy provides rapid relief from the inability to breathe normally.

How Sinus Surgery Can Benefit You and Your General Health

In addition to opening inflamed and swelled sinus passages, sinus surgery also offers the following benefits beyond helping you breathe easier:

Reduces Symptoms of Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Congested sinuses swell in response to viruses or bacteria that invade healthy tissue and produce an inflammatory response from these tissues. When airways are constricted, people resort to breathing through their mouth unless they take decongestants or use nasal sprays. Mouth breathing leads a dry mouth condition that facilitates growth of anaerobic bacterial proliferation due to lack of saliva flow in the mouth.

Anaerobic bacteria produce sulfurous compounds that emit noxious odors. Called volatile sulfur compounds, these bacteria digest oral debris like food particles and mucus. When you have allergies or chronic sinusitis, excess mucus generated by inflamed sinus tissues is abnormally thick, which provides extra “food” for bacteria to consume.

Dry Mouth and Sinus Surgery Benefits

Constant congestion due to chronic sinusitis or structural abnormality forces you to breathe through your mouth. Naturally, your mouth remains dry and pasty most of the time. Lack of adequate saliva flow and oxygen molecules included in saliva has a significantly negative impact on the health of your teeth and gums.

When your mouth is dry due to lack of saliva, food particles, dead skin cells and other oral debris do not get rinsed off teeth and gums. Nor are acids destructive to dental enamel neutralized by saliva. Consequently, people who continue suffering dry mouth due to sinus infections or diseases often develop dental problems such as increasing cavities, gum disease and potentially, periodontitis.

Improve Quality of Sleep

When you can’t breathe normally, you can’t sleep well. According to the CDC, poor sleep is associated with the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, weight gain/obesity and psychological issues (depression, anxiety).

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