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Sinusitis Treatment

Sinusitis Treatment

Symptoms such as difficulty in breathing through nose, troubled sleep, and frequent headaches point towards the possibility of sinusitis. Sinus conditions interrupt daily activities and make it difficult for an individual to live a normal life. That’s when they need a sinus specialist at Houston Plastic Craniofacial & Sinus Surgery. Equipped with more than a decade of experience in treating sinus related problems and improving the quality of life of its patients, our team of sinus experts have proven competence in diagnosing and treating all types of sinus problems.

Understanding Sinuses

Sinusitis Treatment

Sinuses are hollow air spaces in the bones between eyes, in the forehead, and behind cheekbone that produce mucus to keep the inside of the nose moist. The mucus acts as a protective agent against allergens, pollutants, and dust. If sinuses get infected or congested, the person might experience uncomfortable symptoms such as:

Rhinosinusitis, the inflammation of tissues lining the sinuses, is one of the common conditions in sinusitis that affects nearly 35 million people every year.

Is Sinusitis Affecting your Life?

Sinusitis, in most cases, creates an uncomfortable condition for the person who may experience anything from cough and nasal congestion, to discolored nasal drainage with facial pressure. Whether it causes a mild discomfort or a severe headache and facial pain, the condition affects everyday activities. If neglected for long, acute sinusitis with mild symptoms may turn chronic, causing a lifelong problem for the patient.

Treating Sinusitis

Over-the-counter medicines are in some cases sufficient to provide relief to the patient and treat the problem in some cases of acute sinusitis; those that persist may require a short course of oral antibiotics. If the sinusitis is chronic lasting longer than 12 weeks, it is always essential to consult an ENT doctor for an accurate diagnosis and deciding the course of treatment. The patient might need to undergo a procedure to remove chronically inflamed or infected tissues that do not respond to over-the-counter or prescription drugs.

Contact a Sinus Specialist, Today

At My Houston Surgeons, our doctors attend to a number of sinus patients every day and prescribe the right course of treatment for the problem. We have comprehensive treatment plans for every patient, which means whether you have acute, chronic or severely inflamed sinuses – our doctors can prescribe an effective treatment. If you wish to learn more about sinus treatment or schedule an appointment, call us at (832) 720-NOSE or email us.