Sinus Surgery


If you suffer from sinus infections, then endoscopic sinus surgery may be the right treatment for you. Patients with more severe sinus infections, nasal polyps, and allergic fungal sinusitis may require endoscopic sinus surgery. The procedure is done through the natural nostril openings with an endoscope (small camera) to look inside the nose and guide the use of small instruments designed to delicately remove diseased tissue and create large windows into the sinuses. There are no visible cuts, incisions, or changes in appearance. It has very limited recovery time and is the gold standard for treatment of chronic sinus infections.

The most important factor in recommending an endoscopic surgery procedure is the severity of the sinus infection. The extent of surgery depends on the severity of disease, presence of nasal polyps, and the number of sinuses involved. No two sinus surgeries are alike and each is carefully tailored to each patient’s needs and sinus disease complexity. The only way to know exactly what you need is to seek the expertise of a Rhinologist like Dr. Kuperan who has extensive experience treating sinus infections and will make sure you get a tailored procedure designed to get you feeling great again with minimal recovery time.

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